THE 12-48-46 TOUR

Twelve cities across the lower 48 states in 46 days. Our first tour of Autumn! Follow us as we retrace the nomadic steps our Founder took in 2002 as he traversed the lower forty-eight, searching for the perfect pint. We hit all the pubs and brew houses he got thrown out of along the way. From the west coast into the dry, dry desert. Through the rocky mountains and onward into the frozen northern plains. Then down again along the Great Lakes to the east coast. And south to the Gulf on a warm Halloween where he finally rested is sore feet on the beach at sunset and had himself a tall one.

Come taste our wares and the excellent house brews our generous host pubs and breweries offer. Will there be live music? Sure! Why not? Plus, FREE T-SHIRTS and HATS and other giveaways. Special prizes for the fans who join us for the whole tour! And a Very Special final Halloween Night Party on the last day of the tour.